Bastyr in the Community –  A Look Inside Bastyr’s Local Women’s Shelter Clinic at Mary’s Place

Patient and Bastyr doctor at Mary's Place

每周二上午, a team of Bastyr Center for Natural Health providers and OB欧宝体育官网入口 students set up their clinic space at Mary’s Place in downtown Seattle. At appointments that are often 回来-to-回来, guests receive free 自然疗法的护理 for a variety of health conditions, 包括感冒, 消化问题, 糖尿病, arthritis and menstrual complaints. This essential access to primary medical care keeps patients 像贝蒂 coming 回来 to Bastyr’s Mary’s Place clinic, 有时会持续很多年.

Admiration from a grateful patient

Betty has received assistance from Mary’s Place since 1995, and Bastyr providers joined her health care team in the early 2000s. The Bastyr appointment model at Mary’s Place differs from a typical wellness visit: Student clinicians intake the patient’s medical history, then present a diagnosis and treatment plan to the supervising physician for approval before sharing it with the patient. Appointments with Bastyr clinicians help Betty manage her 糖尿病 and hepatitis. “When I say thank you, I really mean it,” she says. “玛丽广场救了我的命. [It] supports these women in a very sacred way. 他们不歧视.”

Patients with conditions such as those seen at Mary’s Place are often managed by a primary care provider, but limitations on cost or the number of covered visits often create large gaps when people are unable to receive much needed treatment. 在这种情况下, prevention can be key — something as simple as a weekly checkup can mean the difference between wellness and a visit to the ER. At the end of an appointment with Bastyr at Mary’s Place, patients walk away with a course of action: from diet and lifestyle modifications to specially formulated blends of herbs and supplements. “We provide a certain amount of stability in an otherwise chaotic living situation. We are another intervention for them to get the care that they really need,珍·约翰逊说, ND, Bastyr supervising physician at Mary’s Place.

In response to the homelessness crisis Shelters such as Mary’s Place provide resources for the steps toward optimal wellness and housing security. In 1999, a group of dedicated individuals saw a growing need in Seattle. The number of women and children who, 像贝蒂, were experiencing homelessness was continuing to rise and with it, the challenge of creating a daily structure that included meeting basic physical needs. Thanks to the hard work of a committed staff, Mary’s Place opened the first of its many locations in the greater Seattle area that year. 现在是第20个年头, Mary’s Place continues to serve women and children experiencing homelessness, 提供一日两餐, clean clothing and other essential support services. Bastyr has proudly provided naturopathic medical care at Mary’s Place since the partnership began in 2003.

Enhancing students’ educational experience

Community care sites like Mary’s Place are essential to Bastyr’s vision to transform the health and well-being of the human community, and they are vital to humanizing the condition of homelessness, which continues to be a growing concern in the Seattle area. An important step in improving health outcomes is ensuring that future providers graduate well equipped to care for those who are underserved.

Naturopathic medical student Francisco Miranda speaks of his experience at Mary’s Place: “Mary’s Place has been an absolute blessing to both me and the many women it serves. I and other Bastyr clinicians have had the pleasure of getting to know many of the women who count on Bastyr. Without our presence at Mary’s Place, 自然疗法的护理, supplements and vitamins would be unattainable. I have been able to asses and help patients manage a wide range of acute and chronic conditions such as 糖尿病, 皮肤疾病, 高血压, 青光眼, 疲劳和肠胃不适, which are key to my comprehensive medical training. I'm grateful for all the women at Mary’s Place Downtown have taught me through our conversations, 祈祷和笑声."

资源 such as naturopathic medical care must continue to be provided for people at all income levels. Read more about Mary’s Place and the rest of Bastyr’s community care sites.